A number of pollutants (e.g. Hg and some POPs) are characterized by long residence time in the atmosphere (up to one year) resulting in global character of there dispersion and ability to transport between the continents. Besides, cycling of these substances between different environmental media also facilitates their transport potential in longer perspective. Therefore, assessment of the environment pollution with such contaminants should be performed on a global scale taking into account possible contribution of intercontinental transport to regional pollution.

Examples of the global scale assessment of pollution levels of some HMs and POPs are given below. More detailed information is available in the MSC-E reports, Presentations and TF HTAP activity.

Numerical data are available on request (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Heavy metals


Global annual mean concentrations of Pb (a), Cd (b) and elemental Hg (c) in 2016. Dark frame denotes boundaries of the EMEP region.

Global distribution of model ensemble median Hg0 concentration in surface air (a) total (wet and dry) deposition flux (b) in 2015.


Global distribution Hg deposition (model ensemble median) from the four groups of emission sectors in 2015: (a) – Power generation; (b) – Industrial sources; (c) – Intentional use and product waste; (d) – ASGM




Persistent Organic Pollutants


Spatial distribution of global scale annual mean modelled air concentrations, ng/m3 (a) and deposition fluxes, g/km2/y (b) of B(a)P for 2016


Spatial distribution of global scale annual mean air concentrations of PCDD/Fs, fg TEQ/m3 (a), PCB-153, pg/m3 (b), and HCB, pg/m3 (c) simulated for 2016